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Jason’s drive to excellence came more from a desire to make the Edmonton real estate process better. “Buying my first home, and my investment properties thereafter, I worked with real estate agents who I felt didn’t care about me after the sale was done. I never heard from them again. So I wanted to get into this and do the opposite—be the best friend and advisor I could be.”

And when Edmonton property prices rose back in those years, Jason was able to leverage his assets to move further. “I was able to tap into my home equity to finish university, I got engaged, then married and pushed to get those two rental properties. My eyes were open and I saw what the power of real estate was first hand. I believe that there is no greater wealth than owning your own property.”

Jason brings a lot of passion to his work, but it is first-time homebuyers that he gets the most joy helping. Helping people through the sometimes difficult process the first time takes patience, and Jason enjoys educating people as they go through the buying process. In fact, Jason keeps connected with his clients through social media to help answer questions and stay in touch. He also tends to stop by at customers places when he’s in the area, just to check up.

When asked about the best moments of his career, Jason was
firm. “Every time I help someone and they are happy, I get an amazing high from helping them and making a difference in their lives. When I think about it, my favourite moment would likely have been my first sale. They were happy, I was amazed that I was a true REALTOR®, and I was beginning to help people work through a major life event.”
In his first year he achieved the 100% club with Realty Executives, which means that his sales commissions have exceeded $100,000—a rarity for someone in their first year of the realty business.

Jason is a strong negotiator and makes it his mandate secure the best price and terms for his clients as if it were his own property. As for his true gift its his ability to find great properties at low prices due to his investor experience. Armed with a construction and architectural background its not uncommon for his trained eye to find important facts about properties in the earlier stages.


“But my first home was the key. I had nothing but my credit rating and change in my pocket. I was fortunate to buy, build equity and then invest that equity while educating myself about the best things to do. I have a one year old son and wife that are my life. I would have never gotten to where I am today without starting in real estate—with our first home. I tell people a home opens up unlimited possibilities.”

Since then, Jason has continued to grow his real estate business in Edmonton. Jason’s proud of his accomplishments, but he knows that there are much greater opportunities further into his future. “Five years from now, I see myself teaching others about how to do what I did to become successful, mentoring others and giving back to the community.”

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