Pre-Listing Package

Hey, Jason Kamal here...

Let me show you all the details of how I'll find you a buyer:

First, we will sit down and review recent sales of homes similar to yours and let you decide what your homes is worth realistically. It's common for people to think their home is worth more and typically they overprice it and play the hope we sell game. The truth is if priced right you will attract many buyers and will possibly get more offers and one of them maybe more than your asking price. How great would that be?

Second, I'll provide an experienced home stager, who'll educate you on how to wow the buyers. You live in your home every day and there are a lot of things you definitely do not pay attention to that could make a huge difference and prompt an offer. On the flipside that lotion bottle you have on your dresser and other clutter may turn off some buyers and they may decide to pass and look at something else.

Third, depending on the state of repair or lacking items I will provide a list of reputable trades who can put in the missing side of your fence, repair your slanted deck, or even replace a few light fixtures that have been around for the last 20 years!

Fourth, I can put you in touch with a home inspector and perform a pre-inspection in advance that will show the buyers you really care enough about your home. This will not only show pride of ownership but will also reduce the amount of last minute findings that may prompt a price deduction AFTER we have negotiated the selling price or cause you to spend more time, effort, and money to finalize the sale.

Technology and Strategy

Here is a breakdown of the technologies I use and why they are important:

1- HD photos, You have no doubt seen some pretty awful pictures on the MLS where you wonder why OH why would they even put those photos up? Some are even crooked at an angle and relatively dark and completely lacking detail. The first thought that comes to mind is why isn't the seller concerned by how these photos are displayed to the public. CLICK.. and they move on to the next property. Don't let that happen to you.

2- Video Walkthrough Videos, most people have a very low attention span when it comes to looking at photos; usually clicking on 10 pictures within a few seconds. You need a little extra engagement to get them to spend a little more time on the page so they learn more about the property and decide that it will be one of the dozens they should visit. Plus, when your trusty agent shows enthusiasm and verbal communication it’s literally a warm invitation to engage with us. People will work with people they know, like, and trust!

3- Drone, nothing beats a good video with a birds eye view of the home and the surroundings. Combine that with some good music it’s guaranteed to deliver a feel good emotion and make them more likely to ask for a showing.

4- Full Colour Feature Booklets, presentation matters! Ever look at a property with the standard MLS feature sheet often printed on regular paper? You might take one but if there is a professional magazine quality booklet it's impressive and people are more likely to take one but more importantly keep it. Also, the full colour booklets are crucial as they demand the respect of the buyers viewing the home and less likely to offer less.

5- Just Listed Postcards, your best secondary source of leads is your neighbors who may have someone that maybe considering a move to their area. Once listed, these postcards are sent out to your neighbors and likely to prompt a call where I will welcome them to come view the home. Time allowing I will go and do some door knocking and ask them face to face to come view the home as a neighborhood guest!

6- Dedicated Property Website, I will create the dedicated website just for your home and blast it out on every major social media outlet. This strategy is very effective and it gives the seller the opportunity to share it and engage their circles at work, church, the club, and others.

7- Smart texting System, the smart texting system is ideal for those drive by's where buyers can receive an automated text back with the full listing, pictures, and all the details without calling the number off the sign. Once they do I have their number and will follow up and invite them to view the property personally.

8- Massive Network, I will leverage my huge network of realtors, investors, buyers, and trades to spread the word.

9- Social Media, the fastest way to engage with people on the internet who are not specifically looking for homes. I will blast your property on every social media channel to include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Kijiji, and others and engage with thousands of viewers. You think they know someone and may tag them in the post?

10 - Tools, I own my own drone, my own lighting equipment, my own professional wide angle camera, my own laser measurement devices. No expense is too much for my clients; in fact I have spent well over $20,000 on equipment and equipped like no other!


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Frequently asked questions

Can we list at a higher price and leave room for negotiations?

Buyers are not dumb; they are searching day and night for the right property at the right price. In fact most buyers research homes well in advance quite often a whole year or more until they pull the trigger. It’s always better to price aggressively and attract 10X more buyers to actually view the home. Half the battle is getting them into your front door; the rest is how they feel the home will suit their family when comparing other homes in a similar price range. In fact a home priced right will attract many buyers and you may get a higher than asking offer in a shorter timeframe.

Should I renovate first?

It depends on many variables; your listing agent has seen hundreds of homes on a regular basis and has witnessed the reactions and preferences of soon to be home owners. In most cases a little bit of paint will do the trick, but a smart agent won’t hesitate to mention those light fixtures could use an upgrade; or those baseboards if replaced with taller ones could make a huge difference. Best of all these two suggestions cost very little time and money. Have you considered this option before?

 Why should I use you?

As an owner-agent I actually own my company and have a lot to lose if I don't go the extra mile. At EXP Realty we have more disposable income because we don't pay royalties and other overhead expenses to the big brands. That extra $1,000 a month gets redirected to the technology I mentioned above and I actually spend a lot more money marketing your property versus others who are constantly depleted monthly renting the brand regardless if they sell or not.

Also with my construction, architectural, and I.T background I have a lot more experience and skills to identify and resolve materialistic and technology related challenges others have no clue how to address. I have renovated my own investment homes and can reveal costly problems and point out where the savings actually are!

Thank you!


Jason Kamal

Professional Realtor

EXP Realty



Call/Text my direct line 780-200-3350 to setup a 




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